South Korean Exchange Korbit Issues Employee IDs As NFTs

Korbit, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea, has launched an interesting initiative. In what is perhaps a first for the NFT industry, Korbit on Monday, June 27, announced it has started issuing employee IDs as NFTs. What’s more, the IDs feature CryptoPunk-like avatars! Here’s all you need to know about Korbit’s employee ID NFTs.

Different Korbit employee ID NFTs on OpenSea
The South Korean exchange is now issuing employee IDs as NFTs! Credit: OpenSea

About Korbit’s employee ID NFTs

Korbit is one of South Korea’s only five licensed crypto exchanges. Essentially, Korbit decided to issue employee IDs as NFTs in an effort to uplift its sense of community, reported Forkast.

Furthermore, Korbit’s employees first applied for the NFTs in early June 2022. The company then minted their IDs and distributed them to their MetaMask wallets on June 20. 

According to Korbit’s OpenSea account, there are currently 80 employee ID NFTs in all. Its project description reads, “It is an NFT issued to celebrate the joining of Korbit employees.”

The NFTs feature traits such as company, favourite colour, honour, nickname, position, and year of entry. What’s more, each NFT shows the employee’s MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) personality as well!

NFTs and official documents

This is not the first time that someone turned an official document into an NFT. Early this year, South Korea’s Hoseo University issued NFT degrees and certificates to its 2021 batch graduates. The move was aimed at improving administrative services and preventing forgeries of degrees. Similarly, Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea also issued NFT certificates to three graduate students.

Apart from this, some job seekers are also turning their CVs into NFTs. Through a new NFT platform, called, job seekers can link their CVs to a smart contract. What’s more, they can even earn royalty fees every time a prospective employer reads their CV.

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