Robert Kiyosaki Will Buy Bitcoin When It Dips at $1,100

The author of “Rich Father, Poor Father”, Robert Kyosaki, recently commented that he expects the bitcoin to hit $ 1100 before making a purchase.

In the last 24 hours, the price of one bitcoin has dropped by 5% from $ 21,107 to $ 19,870.

Robert Kyosaki, the famous father of the rich and poor, has come up with a new perspective on Bitcoin.

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Rich Father Education

He began tweeting, “The Rich Father’s Teachings,” and then explained that they would give up when they could not stop. He made this argument by referring to Bitcoin owners who sold their assets due to market failure.

According to him, some of these individuals later committed suicide. He says that after that, successful people learn from their failures.

Kyosaki went on to say that he was waiting for Bitcoin to reach $ 1,100 and that he was a bully in the cryptocurrency. If he comes back, he will buy more. Otherwise, he expects the losers to give up and give away much before buying.

The Twitter community is divided by Kyosaki’s comments.

The prediction that the price of Bitcoin could be close to $ 1,100 is not good on Twitter.

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Some people thought it was a wishful thinking, while others said it was a mistake because he wanted to write $ 11,000 in the sentence.

An account in TraderUDN suggests that millionaires such as Changing Zhao’s Binance, Michael Silor’s Micro Strategy and Elon Musk will buy all BTC instead.

This is not the first time Kyosaki has announced plans to buy bitcoin at the current low price.

Earlier in May, when Bitcoin sold for more than $ 30,000, he said he was still positive about the future of Bitcoin and was waiting for a new bottom line. Whether it’s $ 20,000, $ 14,000, $ 11,000 or $ 9,000, it’s a matter of time before things happen.

Kiasaki added that Fed and Treasury are perverted and are optimistic about the value of Bitcoin and will commit suicide before renovating loyalty, trust and moral compass. Kyosaki made the statement because he believed the federation and the treasury would lose their moral compass before they could return.

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In the last 24 hours, the price of one bitcoin has dropped by 5% from $ 21,107 to $ 19,870. Ethereum, on the other hand, has shown a dramatic decline.

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