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Meta, Microsoft, and 31 more companies have joined forces to create a platform that promotes open standards in the field of metavers. Called the Meters Standard Forum, the institute focuses on developing steps to make every metaver on the Internet connected.

Metaverse Standard Platform was born

Although Meters is a loose concept that each company translates and builds on its own, some people think it is important to connect these personal worlds. That’s why Meta, Microsoft and other companies like Epic Games came together to create these Metaverse Standards Forum.

According to the launch PR statement:

[The body] Focuses on practical, action-based projects such as application prototype, hactaton, plug-in and open source tools to accelerate testing and acceptance of metaver standards, and develops a series of glossary and deployment guidelines.

The forum itself does not create ratings. The company operates as a hub for integration of various levels of developers (SDOs), including VR, graphics and interaction, among others.

The creation of such a group is seen by some as a statement of agreement that it is important for some of these companies to create open spaces for the metaphysics concept. Neil Trevet, president of Cronos, part of the group, said:

Metvas brings together a variety of technologies, requiring a set of integrated performance standards, created and maintained by multi-level organizations.

Some important omissions

Although the group claims to be an open organization, there are some big names in the group that are free, available to all interested groups. Apple, one of the world’s largest technology companies, is interested in technology with VR and AR (added reality) but has not yet joined the forum. Other significant game-based metrics, such as Roblox, have not yet joined.

According to some experts, this shows that even with a company that promotes standards, the global team that sets up the Meters standard or meters will be hard-working in terms of the differences between the companies that are building platforms for it. .

What do you think of the creation of the first standard team for Metavers? Tell us in the comments section below.

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