Living longer lives in the world of Web3

A.D. The longevity of the sector, which is expected to reach $ 128 billion by 2028, is not something that the outside world can ignore. Over the next few years, life-enhancing technologies and treatments for aging-related diseases will be available to human experiments. There is an exciting wave of growth in research laboratories and technology centers around the world, and an increasing number of early adopters are embarking on a long journey.

As I noticed in my last post, it is good for the crypto community to learn more and participate in the growing longevity. It not only incorporates long-term disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence and distributed accounting technologies, but also has a visionary spirit and is supported by stakeholders working to improve human aging experience.

So I said that in order for the incoming and future sectors to share more, they want to know about three individuals who have spent a long time with science and why they have a long life span. The sector has shown great support for the industry. The founder of the world-leading full-service blockchain technology company, one of the world’s longest-running physicians, is unique, but they share a common theme.

Evelyn Judith Bishoff, Chair of the Board of Vision of the Long Science Foundation

“As a long-term doctor, my goal is to maintain or improve one’s quality of life. But the word ‘longevity’ refers to images of longevity. But it is more than that. Life must be perfect. It has to be fun. It is important to focus on long-term treatment, physical health, and behavioral and mental health. All of these pieces are ideal for creating a healthy person. ”

“In general, I am not a fan of cleaning tips. I like personalization. I like the structure. I especially like the structure when developing medical guidelines for a patient. Of course, there is a long-term basis that includes common themes. But I do not have the usual advice for everyone.

“I look at the unique characteristics of each patient in different categories. The first category is metabolic optimization. This category includes dietary supplements, exercise and hormones. Some people are athletes, and I work with women before and after menopause. Some patients are preparing for pregnancy. Special features are included in the recommendations. “

“The second category is sleep. Many people recognize the importance of sleep in maintaining a healthy body. As part of the patient assessment, I have seen how easily the patient falls asleep and how well sleep is affected by oxygen levels, the number of apnea patients and more.

“The third area of ​​facilitation is cognition. The age of neurodegeneration is a major concern for individuals, and adapting to this area requires prevention before any cognitive decline or neurosurgery. Awareness includes mental health. I am trained in psychiatry, so mental health is important to me.” Many people are already on anti-depressant or anti-anxiety.

“As you can see, we are very focused on the level of grain in long-term treatment. We focus on everyone’s features to make sure the treatments work well. Physicians and patients must remember that flexibility is key to any medical success. Long-term treatment should also be flexible.

Val Vavilov, Founder and CEO of Bitfuri and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Long Science Foundation

“My craving for longevity started on my own. Running a global billionaire company hurts you. I realized that in order to fulfill our mission, I needed to improve not only my health but also my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth. Health is often one of the first things people neglect to focus on.

“From fasting to veganism, I started reading all the bad things on the field. I went into great detail to evaluate the micronutrients I ate to balance the variety of fruits and vegetables. When you start examining these things, you will eventually come to the longevity field because longevity is about improving your life and health. He talks to the engineer inside me. We will see what we can do and how to do it. I spent over a year improving my health, my food, my sleep – everything. And now, I feel better than I did in my 20’s! ”

“I am a supporter of the LongLight Science Foundation because I believe longevity should not be limited to one group of people. Everyone needs access to tools and science to live a long and healthy life. I support the mission of the foundation. .

“What is the value of living a long and healthy life if you are alone? What kind of world will you inherit? How can you build better if you are alone? Longevity is an important part of a common future. Age science means that we can do that when we are living longer, healthier and happier.

Maja Puginovich, Managing Director of OGroup and Member of the Board of Trustees of the Long Science Foundation

“I have been a pioneer in emerging technologies since 2005, years before entering major areas such as mobile payments, renewable energy, Internet of Things, CRISPR and crypto currencies. Working on the edge of this guide requires one to constantly doubt the situation and seek to facilitate it. I will bring that pioneer attitude to longevity. There is more to longevity than medicine. Evolution is taking away our engine. It is a challenging yet exciting pursuit. ”

“As our ancestors moved from cave to house to tribe to city, they faced countless challenges. We had to deal with predators, disease, famine, war, infection. While many of these challenges still exist, we still have some defenses. These are the defenses we have created outside of ourselves. There was nothing evolution about them. It is the combination of internal and external development that is growing the society today. Thanks to amazing technological breakthroughs, we have been able to find products that will help us in the process of evolution.

“However, our biological evolution has surpassed that of the technological revolution. Simply put, the human mind cannot keep pace with current technological advances. This may sound like a scary concept, but it is also fun. This is an unprecedented development. I saw this spirit in the crypto community and saw it again in medicine for a long time. There is a strong movement to improve the system, such as the financial sector, by disrupting the system and democratizing it. I see long writing as a distraction.

“Long-term treatment is about balancing technology and our own understanding of the basics. In some cases, our quality of life is worse than our ancestors because we don’t have time to do what we love. Injection, a hyperbaric unit, or an expensive health spa, is a plan that focuses on daily activities and sustainable, sustainable change from mindless, endless growth.

“You promised that in your work. Are you ready to do this for the rest of your life?”

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Garri Zmudze Switzerland and Cyprus-based Venture Capital Company, which accelerates biotech and longevity innovations, is a management partner of Longwich. He is an experienced business expert and angel investor with many successful solutions in biotech and technology companies. He is a long-time supporter and investor in biotech companies, including Inisilico Medicine, Deep LongViti and Basepaus.