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Where to start?

First million dollars

Reaching the first million is difficult, but the second is inevitable. Not being a millionaire is not important. The key is to be the person you need to be to become a millionaire. You must be a completely different person. You must develop character traits that are different from more than 99% of people in the world. They want to develop and work on honesty, discipline and quality relationships and set their priorities because without them nothing is possible.

Does this sound familiar? These are the words of Brian Tracy, one of the greatest speakers on investment matters.

Today I’m going to tell you how I made my first million and why now is the best time for you to make one too.

During this difficult financial market, I offer you the amount of encouragement you deserve, but at the same time, I want it to be something real. Let’s start small by analyzing the global economic situation, but focusing on the crypto market.

We are at the beginning of a recession and heading for the bottom of the pit. What does this mean? The financial market has crashed and will crash further. Even if we have small increases for a short time, the general trend will remain downward, this will not change the general direction.

History proves that important resources are built in such periods. It is better to buy financial assets when the price is low and sell when the price is high. Of course, nobody knows when these moments will happen, and that’s why we need to get the average purchase price as low as possible and the average sale price as high as possible.

At the moment we are definitely very close to the bottom of the abyss. The lowest point of this fall may be reached next month or next year. I have personally invested a constant amount of money in the first 15 crypto projects every day during this period and will continue to do so for at least a year.

Platforms like Binance allow you to make recurring investments like this starting from just one dollar, so you can easily copy this model. If you do this, you will definitely get a very low average purchase, and this, combined with the fact that all coins can be stored on Binance, will definitely bring you 10x in the next bull run.

Depending on how much money you have available, you can play even riskier. I chose the first 15 projects because I am investing a large amount so I don’t want to make a loss on them. But you can do this by doing a little more research and looking for new value projects, even with small projects that have the potential to increase capitalization hundreds of times for the next bull extension, as a result of which your investment will increase. Hundreds of times, but of course this strategy has no strategy, it is not without risk.

I will show you some statistics about this strategy and what results in a bear market, including the highest price if you have used it in the past. If you had made this daily recurring investment in BNB, you would have had an average annual return of 742% today. If you had chosen Bitcoin, you would have earned 46.5%, in ETH, 311% per year, in Solana 402%, in MATIC 2680%, in ADA 362%, and in FTM 1,924%.

Please note that since these products are in a bear market, they would be available at today’s prices and imagine what their numbers would be in the middle of a bull market.

Therefore, it can be easily seen that a simple strategy of buying a token every day will bring an annual return of several hundred percent. A 100% increase doubles the investment. 1000 dollars twice 10 times will be worth a million. If you can double your money once a year, for 10 years in a row, and start with $1000 today, you will be a millionaire in 10 years.

Imagine how much easier this path would be with returns like these. Don’t forget that the products presented above represent an average and not the special case we have today. I mean, today you can start this process in the middle of a bear market, and you can end it in the middle of the next bull run, so you can easily exceed the returns I showed above.

Fortunately, the crypto market often gives us such market cycles so that you can easily reduce your investments once every year. The big economy, the real or traditional economy as some say, only gives us these opportunities once every 10-15 years and with low volatility.

Like the stock market, to get rich you have to participate in at least one complete market cycle, if not 2. What you can do in the stock market in 30 years, in crypto, maybe in just 3-5 years and even with high intensity. But don’t forget that this applies to both losses and gains.

If you are a poor investor, high volatility and high cycles of the market will only magnify your results, as will cross trading. I think everyone here wants to be a millionaire one day or wants to be. And for those who are still working on this dream, for many of you, I assure you that you will succeed.

More than 99% of people never succeed, but do you know why? Because, to a large extent, they never even try. Because more than 99% of people will never follow this kind of content. Because in any problem, 99% of people will cry because it is difficult, and 1% will sell handkerchiefs and cry babies and become rich. You are in the 1%, it is important to stay in this category and fight for your dreams, but not only with dreams, but with real facts. Every day you live, you must do something, anything, even a little, to get you closer to your dreams than you were yesterday. Not all of us have the same strength and speed, that’s why some come faster and others later, but the important thing is to have the right direction.

A great saying goes, if you want to go fast, go alone, and if you want to go far, go together. This means surrounding yourself with like-minded people who can give you the boost you need to keep going when you’re feeling down.

If you can’t find such people in your area, look them up online. Look for them in our community and you will surely find them! Cut ties with those who say you can’t and move on, don’t forget that if you are not a millionaire now and want to be, you have to leave the person you are now. New, better in every aspect – someone who can make the first million because your current person can’t do it.

You have to grow to the next level, and the new person may not be able to make friends with the same people as the old person. Will this be painful? Absolutely, it will be uplifting, you will really feel the freedom and power you will get. A power that is your responsibility to do only good.

Our consciousness often keeps us from being rich. The limiting beliefs in our heads always do this. For example, if you think that people with money are bad people, you will never have money because your mind will avoid the label of bad people and will not make you that kind of person. And when you win a lot of money, you feel guilty, you feel like you don’t deserve it, and your brain knows that it needs to get rid of the money as soon as possible, so you spend it quickly. . Money is for bad people, right?

Money is not good or bad, money is energy, power. Money empowers you to be who you really are. Money is like a tool in a person’s hand, it is like a knife, with this kind of food you can feed a hungry person or you can hurt someone by cutting them. Therefore, it is important that at least the investments you make work in parallel on improving your thinking.

That’s what got me the first million. Personal growth in all aspects, both financial, learning everything related to the subject and also a change in mindset.

These two are both necessary to become rich, and to stay there, you must develop them in other ways, such as health, family, happiness, etc.

Over 90% of people who win the lottery lose all their money in the first year. Why is this happening? It’s about their mindset. Because of their person. He couldn’t manage that money, that’s why he was poor when he won the lottery. And the thinking in one year brings the person back to the place where his mind believes and knows he should be.

First, you have to set your mind to become a millionaire, then once your brain believes it, it will take you there within a year. Since you are not a millionaire yet, you don’t know how to organize your thinking, so you have to take it step by step without having a million dollars, 100,000, before that, 10,000. and so on. See where you stand and take it logically from where you are. If your wealth today is $3,000, go to the next level, don’t aspire to $10,000, a million because you’ll fall fast.

Take a step back, see what level you are at, see how many steps you have to climb and move on to the next step, don’t try to climb 3 steps or you will break your leg. Statistics tell us that to become a millionaire, from the time you make a decisive decision in this direction, you need an average of 1 to 9 years, depending on how smart you are.

Thanks for reading to the end! Until next time, take care of your money!


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