Crema Finance shuts liquidity protocol on Solana amid hack investigation

Crema Finance, a robust liquid protocol on the Solana blockchain, announced that it had temporarily suspended its services due to the successful exploitation, which resulted in a large but undisclosed amount of money.

Crima Finance will soon be aware of the hacking of the protocol so that the hacker does not deplete its liquid reserves – including the service provider and investors’ funds.

While the company has not been able to make improvements based on the investigation at the time of writing, the Crypto Twitter community has taken steps to track down the hacker’s wallet and gain a better understanding of the situation.

Based on a personal investigation, a member of the crypto community @ HarveyMackinto2 reportedly found the hacker’s wallet address. The address in question contains 69,422.89 SOL tokens – over $ 2.3 million, purchased over a series of hours.

Other members of the crypto community suspect that the hacker has taken over 90 percent of the creamy financial pool. Crima Finance co-founder Henry Du Confirmed All protocol activities have been suspended indefinitely and requests investors to keep up to date for more information.

Readers should note that Cream Finance has nothing to do with the Cream Financial Decentralized Debt Credit Protocol and that it lost $ 19 million in flash hacking last year. Crema Finance has not yet commented to Cointelegraph.

Matching A prominent North Korean hacker group has been identified as a suspect in a $ 100 million Harmony attack

North Korea’s hacking group – Lazarus group – has become the main suspect in the $ 100 million attack on the Harmony Protocol.

An investigation by Blockchain Analysis Elliptics revealed North Korea’s involvement in the money laundering scheme.

There are strong indications that North Korea’s Lazarus group may be responsible for the theft. This is based on the nature of the abduction and the amount of money stolen.