Coinbase to shut down Coinbase Pro to merge trading services

Coinbase Professional Trading Coinbase Pro ceases to exist as cryptocurrency exchanges are reorganizing services to bring everyone together into one platform.

Coinbase, a cryptocurrency company based in the United States, has officially announced that Coinbase Pro will launch at sunset on June 22 to transfer all advanced business services to a single integrated Coinbase account.

Coinbase Pro Services Transfer to Advanced Business Coinbase’s new business unit is available on Launched in March 2022, this section provides in-depth analysis and real-time transactions for traders directly on Coinbase.

According to the announcement, advanced businesses like Coinbase Pro offer voice-based payments. Coinbase Pro payouts range from 0% to 0.6%, depending on the volume and the recipient or maker orders, according to information from Coinbase’s official website at the time of writing.

The upcoming Coinbase Pro migration to Advanced Trading will take place gradually over the next several months, as the exchange continues to evolve into new trading.

Coinbase says it will let customers know the exact sunset dates.

“Coinbase Pro does not take any action against customers who have money – Coinbase is safe. Meanwhile, customers are welcome to take advantage of the Coinbase mobile app and

According to the announcement, the move is aimed at simplifying the transaction process on Coinbase, allowing professional traders to access advanced trading tools and use the overall Coinbase features in one place. “Advanced merchants have used Coinbase Pro in the past for more in-depth trading and analysis.

A.D. Launched in 2012, Coinbase is a publicly traded company and is one of the largest crypto trading platforms in the world. The company launched Coinbase Pro in 2018 targeting more and more cryptocurrencies targeting professional investors and expanding trading services.

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The first Coinbase platform was primarily aimed at beginners and is said to support 100 secret currencies. Coinbase Pro provides access to more than 250 digital assets. Coinbase Pro offers unlimited trading volume, the first total Coinbase Platform trading volume based on payment methods and regions.