Cameo CEO, Steven Galanis Loses several NFTs In Hack

The CEO of Cameo, Steven Galanis, is the victim of the latest NFT hack, having a BAYC, $9,000 worth of $APE, and 3 Otherside land plots, among others. This was done through his Apple ID being hacked. He may still be expecting more to be taken, as he said: “so far”.

Steven Galanis, Cameo CEO
Steven Galanis, Cameo CEO just had a lot of NFTs stolen from him in a hack.

The Hack of Steven Galanis

Steven Galanis has unfortunately been hacked, and had several NFTs and related items stolen from his OpenSea to an unknown user. He announced this to his Twitter audience of over 18,000 people.

Currently, all he can do is ask for OpenSea to freeze the stolen NFTs, and lock down his account on the platform. He also tagged OpenSea and Yuga Labs in his Tweet, in another form of searching for help.

Once it’s discovered who stole the NFTs from Galanis, potentially something can be done, like having the NFTs returned.  However, this only sometimes happens, and sometimes the case is never resolved.

The community chimed in with their thoughts. Some with positive messages to the Cameo CEO, some being more critical. In support of Galanis, a Twitter user said: “Sorry brother that is really harsh :(“. On the other hand, one user said: “With each of these stories, I get less and less interested in crypto.”

Cameo in Crypto

Cameo, headed by their CEO, Steven Galanis, have been involved in the NFT space. In February of this year, Cameo announced their own NFT titled ‘Cameo Pass’. It is a limited set of 6,000 art and utility NFTs. Their goal through the launch was to build an NFT-based community of cameo talent and fans, along with web3 enthusiasts. The mint cost was 0.2 ETH, and now, on the secondary market they are going for a floor price of 0.1 ETH on OpenSea. At the time of launch, they said that “your Cameo Pass will act as your membership pass to an exclusive community of fans, celebrities and web3 enthusiasts and will entitle holders to virtual/IRL events, merch, and maybe some things that have never been attempted before.”


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