Advantages of Doing Dual Specialization From CIMA Institute | by Alina Parker | The Capital | Aug, 2022

The demand for specialized higher education programs is growing as many educational institutions are now offering dual specialization programs. This is one of the most efficient study packages available today for students to combine more than one subject of interest and pursue a specialized degree for the same degree. These dual accounting and financial management special Chartered Investment and Management Accountant (CIMA®) programs. The structure of the program is designed in an efficient way. It is the best mix of concepts that the students can learn and deal with both.

Double specialization from CMA institute

Let us understand the main advantages of doing dual specialization in Management Accounting qualifications with CIMA Institute.

Investment and Management Accounting is the best dual major for career and aspiration. Accounting and financial management professionals Also for business, finance and accounting students. And the CIMA® credential is one of the most powerful qualification standards in investment and management accounting. Having students and trainees complete their CIMA® program while preparing for their Masters or other accounting qualifications will increase their employability.

As official CIMA® professional instructors, accounting and finance training and coaching institutes regularly offer CIMA® to applicants for their training and exam preparation programs. Accounting and financial statements. A career-focused super-specialization qualification in investment and management accounting such as CIMA® reduces risks and promotes the career preparation and planning of in-demand accountants and finance professionals registered in chartered accounting, company secretarial, cost accounting, financial analysis and public. Math training programs.

If an individual is skilled in more than one subject, more opportunities for employment and increased job security. This will not only enable safer work, but also improve on-the-job performance in the face of ever-increasing global job cuts. Professional bodies and associations included in the CIMA® Consensus List are given the exclusive opportunity to refer and recommend potential CIMA® teaching organizations, and their members are offered the CIMA® Management Accounting Qualification Program at a special fee and exam exemption. Choose standard CIMA® modules through the Professional Pathway programme. Members of individual professional bodies on the CIMA® Consensus List are offered the CIMA® program at a special fee, and the CIMA® Professional Pathway track is available for these body members with certification or national/regional standards in accounting or finance. bodies or professional associations in accounting or related streams.

CIMA® Accounting and Finance Certificates offer the power of dual specializations in investment accounting and management accounting. While the management accounting specialization directly impacts the growth, profits and competitiveness of companies, the investment accounting specialization puts individuals in a league of their own with the expertise to monitor, track, analyze and account for the investments made by companies in multiple national markets, regulatory environments and tax regimes.

The emerging market trends are always considered as a major need for the career selection process. One should strategically opt for a dual specialization in accounting and financial management as this provides avenues to many areas. With different skill sets, an individual has the opportunity to reap the benefits of the market trends instead of being a victim of the same. CIMA’s dual specialization provides the perfect platform to develop an individual’s professional network and makes them a good entrepreneur, leader and team player.

Opting for a dual specialization management accounting qualification gives you the chance to explore more career options. Many are equipped with in-demand skills and with the current industry where their needs dominate others. You will gain a large pool of knowledge when it comes to subjects and related skills. The Management Accounting qualification specialization provides a diverse set of knowledge through which each individual learns to face critical issues while considering the challenges they face in business.

The CIMA® credential is more appropriate for professionals who want to work in multinational corporations, investment banks, brokerage firms, mutual funds, hedge funds, etc. and in various business establishments.

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